Chikky is an energy worker and intuitive mentor who offers a unique approach to transformation and healing; combining various energy modalities including Sound Healing, Movement Healing, Water Therapy and Energy Healing. She is an Access Bars Facilitator (Access Consciousness), has trained under a 3rd generation Tibetan Singing bowl healer in Nepal, continues her training in Water Flow WATSU, and is a Neurographica practitioner (Art for Healing).

“Be like an arrow. When you are being pulled back it is only to give you momentum to fly”

But above all this she is an embodiment of grace and kindness, living her own life with those qualities. In all her life challenges she has come out with deep learnings and even more grace. And one can feel this subtle yet strong energy in her sessions where she holds space in a nurturing yet meaningful manner.

“To truly find yourself, you may lose yourself a few times.”

In her journey to find her true authentic self, Chikky began her quest by becoming the best version of herself. Her determination to shift her reality encouraged her to become a hypnotherapist and certified Master NLP Practitioner. She trained under the NLP co-founder Richard Bandler. Since 2012, she has been empowering her clients to reach within and unleash their true self. She soon embarked on a journey into the world of alternative healing and therapies.

“Surprise yourself. Say ‘yes’ to new experiences and be surprised.”

Chikky has always been in touch with her creative energy – be it through dance, art, music. She had channelled this energy through Interior Décor and Dance in the past. Dance had been a key creative expression tool for her since her childhood years. It was not until recent years that she re-awakened that creative expression within her through rhythmic pole fitness and Latin ballroom dancing. She found that it allowed her to explore her strength, to let go of fears and preconceived notions; while still giving space for structure and discipline. This set the stage for the use of Creative Expression and Creative Flow in her sessions as she strongly advocates that the creative liberation of “self” is in itself a healing.

“Dancing is the soul expressing itself”


Life Coach – Evolved Coaching South Africa ( Now known as Robert Simic Coaching) certified by COMENSA

Hypnotherapy – Hypnotherapy School of India, India

Sound Healing – Trained under Master Shree ( 3rd Generation Tibetan Bowl Healer), Kathmandu, Nepal

Art Therapy Foundation – Dubai, U.A.E

Neurographica Specialist – Neurographica Training U.S

NLP Master Practitioner – NLP Life London, U.K. Trained Under Dr. Richard Bandler (co-founder of NLP)

Access Bars Facilitator – Trained under Dr. Ashish Narayankar, Access Consciousness

Sound Healing – Awakening Prema, Dubai U.A.E

WATSU – ongoing certification with WATSU India

Basic Sex Therapy – U.K