Group events are a great way to experience one or more modalities, and is perfect to explore the potential of that modality. A great way to get a group of people together to celebrate a milestone life-event or just as a way to experience something new together. In this respect it works wonderfully whether you are just a small group of friends or a large Corporate group looking to experience something new and seeking the connection through the experience. So whether you are celebrating a birthday or looking for a Corporate event that is unique, a group session of Meditation or Sound Healing or Art Healing, to mention a few , might just do the trick.

Retreats too are a great way to go deeper into a personal or a group experience. It could be curated and personalised to fit your unique requirements and budget. It can be tailor-made to be half a day, a full day, 3-days, or a week. The objective of a retreat is that it is a focused, uninterrupted experience which concentrates on aspects of wellness and wellbeing to maximise effect so that you feel completely recharged and realigned.