Distressed with a life event at home or at work (arrival of a new family member, loss of a loved one, sickness of a loved one, change of job, relocation, marriage, divorce, arrival of a baby, etc)

You are feeling very low on energy.

Feeling a rage within you.

Feeling that you don’t matter and/or feeling irrelevant.

Working on yourself and want to explore other modalities.

Feeling the need to improve and/or upgrade yourself emotionally and energetically.

Stressed in a relationship (work/personal).

Having a creative block.

Feeling an overwhelming sense of sadness that comes and goes all too often, one that you are unable to shake off.

Your mind has brain fog and you just can’t get out of it.

Getting agitated and angry for relatively small things.

Finding that you are in some habitual behaviour patterns that are hampering your best life and/or self.

Having no idea why but feeling called to explore.

Finding it hard to maintain/ sustain relationships.

Having difficulty sleeping.

Falling ill frequently or suffering from physical ailments.


“Half way to solving a problem is recognising the problem.”

After a brief (telephone/online free) consultation the course of direction can be identified and mapped out for you. Your empowerment journey could include NLP, Coaching, Sound Healing, Movement Flow, Water Flow, Art Healing, Access Bars and Meditation; used in combination or independently based on the results that you are seeking.